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Hammarlund HQ-170 (not the 170a model) PDF Manual Find many great new & used options and get the best deals for Hammarlund Hq-170 Vintage Tube Ham Radio Receiver SN 5712 at the best online prices at eBay! Free shipping for many products! Amateur Receiver. Discontinued!

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There are 3.2 ohm speaker terminals on the rear panel. 117 VAC 60 Hz 120W. 19 x 10.5 x 13 inches 38 Lbs. The first Hammarlund plant was a loft operation engaged in radio component manufacturing on Fulton Street in lower Manhattan, New York City.Their variable capacitor designs quickly became industry standards, and the component's schematic symbol was adopted as the company's logo. Well its funny you mention the KWS-1, the seller im talkin too has a second 75a4 for sail and has a kws-1 for sale with it as a pair. he says (i have not substantiated) that the reciever has a full compliment of filters.

the Brass insert … THE TURBO HAMMARLUND HQ145! UPDATED 3/2014 .

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I was able to drive 120 miles to pick it up, drove home and plugged it in for warm up. The gentleman I bought it from had several models he had collected over the years. This one he reported made pops and bangs when he plugged it in, to listen. Here are suggestions for working on the Hammarlund HQ-170 radio.

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Hammarlund hq-170

Type: Amateur HF/VHF receiver: Frequency range: 6-160 m: Mode: AM/SSB/CW: Sensitivity: Selectivity: Image rejection: Voltage: Mains: Current drain:? Impedance: Hammarlund HQ-170C Communications Receiver (1958) I got this Hammarlund HQ-170C radio as part of a package when I bought my HQ-160.Since I don't listen to ham radio, I eventually sold it and used the money to buy a Hallicrafters SX-42.. This set was complete, original, and sparkling clean, although cosmetically not quite as spiffy as my other two Hammarlunds. Hammarlund HQ-170AC Performance Test Hammarlund HQ-170A; Band: MDS: Blocking: Two-tone D.R. (20 kHz) (20 kHz) 80 meters -139 dBm 108 dB 81 dB: 40 meters -139 dBm 81 dB 57 dB: 20 meters -138 dBm 81 dB 59 dB: AM Audio S/N: 48 dB AM Audio Frequency Response: 100 Hz: 200 Hz: 400 Hz: 600 Hz: 800 Hz: 1 kHz: 2 kHz: 3 kHz: 4 kHz: 5 kHz: 6 kHz -1 dB 0 Hammarlund HQ-170 and HQ-180 receivers normally have some hum with the volume turned all the way down. The first input filter capacitor is not quite big enough to get rid of all of it.

Norr om Stockholm. 170 s. (Högskoleverkets rapportserie, 1400-948X ; 2008:8 R). Holmberg, Olle, 1941-.
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Hammarlund hq-170

het 100 Bd, frekvensskiftsnyckling med 170 Hz skift .

also be attributed to the 6C4 high frequency oscillator or 1st 6BE6 converter. VOLTAGE REGULATOR TUBE TROUBLES. The first HQ-170 receivers produced   Stationen är en RX Hammarlund HQ 170, Eico 722 VFO samt en Heathkit DX20 TX. SM6EAT i hemmachacket på Källevägen i Gånghester. Stationen är en RX Hammarlund HQ 170, Eico 722 VFO samt en Heathkit DX20 TX. SM6EAT i hemmachacket på Källevägen i Gånghester.
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Hammarlund HQ-170 The receiver is a Hammarlund HQ-170 from about 1958. This was a high-end receiver in it's day, and it is still very pleasant to use. It is ham-band only, 160 - 6 meters, triple-conversion, with the final IF at 60 khz. Following through on improvements to the HQ-170/180 receiver line, in 1960 Hammarlund introduced a “Lamb” type noise blanker. This device worked on Jim Lamb’s original principle of “punching a hole” in the signal to virtually eliminate the effect of ignition-noise interference.